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A death spear or death lance was a longspear infused with negative energy and used by elite drow warriors.[1][2]


These longspears were 10 feet (3 meters) long and made of a dull-gray metal with mottled and sparkling patterns along its length.[2]Additionally, they emanated an aura of negative energy.[1]


A death spear was a +1 longspear.

Suffused in an aura of negative energy, each blow struck by one of these weapons inflicted additional negative energy that chilled its victim. Additionally, the spear had limited charges to drain the life force of those it impaled, as dark tendrils of black light writhed down the lance. Two versions of these weapons existed; their charges affected the victim to greater or lesser degrees.[2][1]

Lesser This version afflicted the victim like the enervation spell.[2][1]
Greater This version caused the victim to suffer from an energy drain effect.[2][1]


The death lance (or death spear) was invented by powerful drow wizards and used in the protection of the city gates and temples in drow cities.[2]

In 1372 DR, at the Undying Temple, above the Deep Wastes city of Maerimydra, Irae T'sarran used elite defenders equipped with death spears to protect her sanctum.[1]

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