Death spider was an arcane alteration and necromantic spell that turned the target's limb into a black spider.[1]


Death spider turned the target's limb, which needed to be touched by the caster, into a living spider, which then started to eat the host it was attached to.[1]

Once the spider ate the victim, it became a giant spider, which could either spin webs or have a venomous bite.[1]

There were two ways to prevent the victim from getting eaten by the limb-turned-spider. First, cutting the limb off and then burning the spider to death was the mundane way. If done within the first minute after the spell took effect, only one foot or hand was lost. Second, one could resort to magic. A remove curse spell combined with a polymorph spell was a secure way to end it. Other means included the use of dispel magic within the first two minutes, or the use of powerful magic like a limited wish or even stronger spells.[1]


Death spider required somatic and verbal components and an assortment of material components. These were a living spider, a drop of digestive juices of any origin, and a tooth of any origin.[1]


The spell was associated with the drow.[1]


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