Death ward was a necromancy spell that granted immunity to death spells and effects[6] or simply prevented death.[10]


The older version made the subject immune to spells and magical effects based on death, and to the draining of life energy and harm by negative energy. The spell did not guard against other harmful effects, even those that were lethal.[6]

The post–Second Sundering version made the target able to avoid death, but only once. The spell lasted 8 hours. During this time, if ever the target was to suffer an effect that would kill it instantly, the effect would be negated. If the target was wounded so that it was close to death, it would instantly be stabilized. If either of these happened, death ward would end.[10]


It was unique in that it was one of the only necromancy spells available to paladins.[6]


Only verbal and somatic components were needed[10] and a divine focus for the older version.[6]


This spell was known to be used by wizards of the Cult of the Dragon.[9]



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