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Deathdrinkers were powerful, non-tanar'ri demons that were highly egotistical and bloodthirsty.[1] They were originally a servitor race created by a deity, but outlived their creator and became an independent group.[2]


Deathdrinkers were 18 feet (5.5 meters) tall and weighed approximately 3,000 pounds (1,400 kilograms). They had long horns that they decorated by hanging corpses and bones from the horns. Deathdrinkers typically wore intricate, dark metal plate armor. They had extra finger on each hand and hooves in place of feet.[1]


Deathdrinkers were massive, powerful demons with a number of dangerous abilities. They did not have darkvision, like most fiends, but did possess truesight. They spoke only the Common and Abyssal languages. They had few spell-like abilities compared to other demons: they could cast air walk (self only), greater teleport (also self only), and greater dispel magic at will.[1]

Deathdrinkers had several other abilities, however. They possessed an aura of unlife that dealt damage to any creature within 10 ft (3 m) of it, except for undead, which were healed instead; the aura also attracted dead souls. They were also formidable melee combatants and reveled in slaughter and battle.[1]


Deathdrinkers sadistic, self-serving demons that enjoyed and sought out combat. If injured in a fight, they were known to kill their own allies to heal themselves. Deathdrinkers, like all demons, were uniformly chaotic evil.[1]


Deathdrinkers were native to the Abyss. They were exceedingly egocentric, believing their race superior to all other races, and each seeing itself as the pinnacle of the deathdrinker race. Although they technically had no need of food or shelter, they preferred to make gruesome lairs near battlefields.[1]

Deathdrinkers did not get along with their own kind, but did keep weaker demons and undead as servants. They were susceptible to flattery and enjoyed the company of creatures that would praise and admire them, although deathdrinkers would not admit such a weakness.[1]

Deathdrinker demons reproduced by shedding some of their own blood into a specially prepared vat or pit of vile essence. They had lesser demons tend to such breeding pits, stirring the contents regularly and adding fresh corpses and blood. Eventually, the shed deathdrinker blood would clot and then grow, until a fully formed deathdrinker emerged.[1]

Deathdrinkers were known to lead raiding parties onto the Fugue Plane in search of souls. Due to the deathdrinkers' aura, such raids normally captured many souls.[1]