Deathlocks were undead spellcasters bound to serve a master. They were usually the remains of warlocks, reanimated by their patrons after failing to fulfill their part of a pact, but could also be created by necromancers.[1]


Some deathlocks, known as deathlock masterminds, were granted more freedom and power, as they were also charged with recruiting and commanding others to serve their patrons' goals.[1]

Other deathlocks, as a form of punishment by certain types of patrons or certain necromancers, were transformed into husks of their former selves, halfway between a warlock and a wight. Known as deathlock wights, these miserable creatures could drain the lives of any living creature nearby.[1]


Deathlocks did not have any goals that they had in life, aside from fulfilling their patron's desires.[1]


Deathlocks had access to some of the spells of their living counterparts. The spells of a deathlock depended on its patron in life. Masterminds counted on a larger variety of spells, as well as being able to fire necrotic grave bolts. Deathlock wights, on the other hand, had barely any spells remaining.[1]



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