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The debbi was a mammal native to the warm deserts of Zakhara.[1]


This 2 feet (0.61 meters)[1] creature resembled a hybrid of a baboon and a hyena.[2] Debbie were agile like monkeys, strong like hyenas, and their small hands allowed them to use simple items.[1]


The beast was highly effective with its fists, bite, and bolts of golden lightning, but it could intimidate its foes into fleeing by stamping its thunderous feet, and using magic to make its fur crackle and spark. If the magic did not work, and the debbi saw that its opponent was stronger, then it escaped and tried to hide. Debbi also had an immunity to all kinds of magical fear.[1]

Debbi often climbed trees and threw missiles at their enemies. They could swing a crude club when at close range. Although debbi were rather weak when found alone, their ability to intimidate made them formidable opponents. These horrible and selfish creatures did not show mercy.[1]


All other desert creatures despised debbi for their cowardice and selfishness. Debbi lived in packs, and the pack members even despised each other, but still they often united their efforts to confront a common enemy. In a pack, debbi had a strict hierarchy, with strong always oppressing the weak and the young often beaten by elders.[1]


The debbi was a strange, mystery-shrouded, desert-scavenging creature. When people tried to study it, or even approach it, it attacked and then ran off.[1]



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