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The Deep Forest, sometimes called Summeroak, was the realm of Silvanus. In the Great Wheel cosmology, it was located within the realm of Tir na Og in the Outlands.[1][2] According to the World Tree cosmology, the realm was located in the House of Nature.[5] The World Axis cosmology placed the realm in the Deep Wilds.[3][4]


The Deep Forest was home to the greatest of all trees. It was a realm of thick and feral vegetation, as well as a rich and diverse wildlife. Dense and majestic canopies almost entirely blocked sunlight from reaching the ground below.[1][5]

The entire place was claimed by nature. There were no artificial buildings anywhere in the Deep Forest.[3]

Notable Locations[]

Silvanus was said to make his home at the heart of the Deep Forest, in a glen that was also referred to as Summeroak.[4]




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