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Deep Sashelas (pronounced: /dip ˈsæʃʊlʌsdeep SÆSH-ul-us[12]) was an elven deity who made his home on Arvandor, although he was rumored to maintain a demesne off the coast of the Moonshae Isles known as Tír faoi Thoinn.[13]


Sashelas's avatar looked like a sea elf with blue-green skin and eyes.[1]


Deep Sashelas appeared to his worshipers in three different ways:[1]

  • A twinkle of light from afar that, if followed by worshipers, lead them to a safe place.[1]
  • A small vent from which bubbles of air escape. He appeared in this form in sea elf communities to warn them of a potential threat or attack.[1]
  • A dolphin-shaped vision made of water with a silver glow. He used this form when communicating with sea elf communities.[1]


Deep Sashelas' presence was felt all across Toril and he sought to be on good terms with underwater races beyond the sea elves. To do so, he relied on the charisma that made him a natural leader, and on his skill as mediator.[1]

Sashelas preferred to use water-based magic and avoided fire spells.[1]


Despite his involvement, his avatar rarely appeared to fight directly, but he made an exception if Sekolah or Panzuriel were involved. About half the time, he was accompanied by Trishina's avatar. On rare occasions, he would appear with another asathalfinare member's avatar.[1]


Deep Sashelas was vehemently opposed to the evil deities of the deep, namely Sekolah and Panzuriel, but also worked against Demogorgon and Dagon.[1] He was friendly, though overall indifferent, with the goddess Mystra, and generally ignored the other deities associated with magic.[14]


As a member of the Seldarine, Deep Sashelas had good relationships with its other members. He answered directly to Corellon Larethian.[2]

Dark Seldarine[]

Deep Sashelas was an enemy of the Dark Seldarine, but Eilistraee counted him as her friend.[2]


Sashelas was the leader of the asathalfinare pantheon, and he had good relationships with its members (Eadro, Persana, Trishina, and Surminare).[15][2] His relationship was deeper with Trishina, his consort, specifically.[2]


Deep Sashelas was mainly worshiped by the sea elves, as he was their patron deity and creator.[1] In each of their settlements, there was a temple dedicated to the Dolphin Prince that typically looked like a giant shell.[16] Sometimes, other races sought him as a patron out of an interest in water magic. Among all of his worshipers, it was forbidden to dabble in the usage of the Shadow Weave.[14]

The clergy were collectively called Delphions, and other terms for the faithful included the Impure (novices), the Bathed (acolytes), and Delphites (high priests).[17] Priests and druids prayed to him during the high tide that was the closest to midday. They played the role of mediators between the races of the sea and of the land. Thanks to Deep Sashelas’s relationship with Trishina, his worshipers had a strong bond with dolphins.[2]


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