The Deep Diviner is a prestige class of the Underdark that uses the mystical energies of the deep places of the world to accomplish feats of magic. They are particularly impressive because of their use of Node Magic, which involves manipulating deposits of magic within the Underdark, called earth nodes.

Deep Diviners use earth nodes to enhance and refuel their own magic, which focuses primarily on communicating with the stone that surrounds them and the Elemental Plane of Earth. They become quite formidable, eventually becoming capable of calling upon Earth Elementals and becoming one themselves.


Locate Node
A Deep Diviner can detect the power and direction of earth nodes. Even the thinnest layer of lead will block this ability.
Speak to Stone
A Deep Diviner can ask questions to the pebbles, caves, and stalactites around her. The presence of the Deep Diviner allows the stone in question to recall events from a limited time in the past. This proves quite useful in investigating recent events.
Mantle of Earth
A Deep Diviner can transform into a Greater Earth Elemental for a limited amount of time. The Deep Diviner has all of the abilities of the Elemental she has transformed into.


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