Deep rothé were a variety of rothé that lived in the Underdark.[2]


Deep rothé were smaller than surface rothé, standing only 4 feet tall at the shoulder. They had shaggy brown coats that darkened to black near the legs and belly. Their hooves and horns were dark green or black and their eyes were yellow or pinkish.[2]


Like other rothé, deep rothé were usually found in herds of 11-20 individuals. They had the ability to magically create dancing lights to communicate with other members of their herd.[1] They were known to be very stubborn.[2]


Deep rothé's favorite food was cave moss, which was only found in faerzress-rich regions.[3] Otherwise, they ate nearly anything that grew in the Underdark, especially fungi, moss, and lichen.[4] Due to their habitat and diet, they were immune to any harmful effects of mold and fungus. They were also resistant to enchantments.[2]

The meat of deep rothé was considered more tender and less gamey than surface beef.[5]


Deep rothé could fight with both their teeth and horns. They were skittish and prone to stampeding, which could be quite dangerous for anyone in their path.[2]


Rothé were staples in the Underdark and served the same purpose as cattle and sheep.[2] Herds of them could be found in most Underdark cities,[6] such as Menzoberranzan[7], Phanlinksal,[8] and Iltkazar.[9]


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