The Defenders Three were a band of three halfling brothers that worked as guards and messengers for Lord Ultas Maernos in Waterdeep, circa 1370 DR.[1] When Maernos passed away, they became the administrators of Holyhands House on the grounds of the former Maernos family compound in the North Ward.[2]


The group consisted of Amstor "the Grim", a worshiper of Arvoreen, Asohs "the Daring", a reformed spy, and Pithar "the Bold", a former tavern bouncer and a former member of the City Watch. They did not choose the name "Defenders Three"—it was what their acquaintances called them.[1]


During the last few years of Lord Maernos' life, the three brothers worked as his personal bodyguards and messengers. Ultas was an ally of the Harpers and occasionally had them carry packages or messages to Harper agents in Baldur's Gate, Luskan, and Mirabar. Of the three, only Asohs intuited the affiliation of these deliveries, and he kept it between himself and Lord Maernos.[1] After Ultas' passing, they remained in the villa and helped establish it as a place of worship for the demihumans of Waterdeep.[2]

Base of OperationsEdit

Holyhands House (the former Maernos mansion) was located in the North Ward between Copper Street and the High Road about five blocks south of the Upper Towers[3][4][5][6][7][8] between Delzorin Street and Sidle Street.[8]


The Defenders Three were treated with honor, respect, and friendship by Lord Maernos, but acquired enemies by serving him so effectively. Among his enemies were Lord Nimor Lathkule and Lady Stelar Nesher (consort to Laskar Nesher[9] and member of the Thorp family).[1]

Many younger nobles accepted and befriended the Defenders Three. It was primarily the older generation of nobility that did not want to see demihumans elevated above the level of servants.[1]

Their work for Lord Maernos on behalf of the Harpers made them important allies to that secretive organization.[1][2]


They successfully thwarted an assassination attempt during their trial period with House Maernos, which won them permanent employment status and Ultas' trust and friendship. Lord Maernos became a target of the anger and indignation of certain Waterdhavian nobles when word got out that he wanted to donate his villa to become a temple specifically for the non-human residents of Waterdeep. The Defenders Three exposed or foiled a number of plots and proved their capability many times over.[1]

It was Amstor that persuaded his brothers to join him in service to Lord Maernos after overhearing disparaging remarks about the noble's devotion to the cause of demihumans and all the major temples in the city, including the Plinth.[1]




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