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''Dehydrate'' required [[somatic]] and [[verbal component]]s, but also a divine focus.<ref name="U-58"/><ref name="SC-62"/>
''Dehydrate'' required [[somatic]] and [[verbal component]]s, but also a [[divine focus]].<ref name="U-58"/><ref name="SC-62"/>

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Dehydrate was a necromancy spell that caused a desiccating effect on the target.[1][2]


On casting dehydrate, the caster was cursed with loss of water. This had devastating effects on the target's health, the extent of which increased with the caster's skill. If the target was a creature that had an unusual amount of water as part of its being, like oozes, the drying effect was even more severe.[1][2]


Dehydrate required somatic and verbal components, but also a divine focus.[1][2]


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