Delaan Winterhound was a ranger of the Emerald Enclave and their main delegate at the Council of Waterdeep.[1]


Delaan preferred the wild spaces of the North and felt uncomfortable in Waterdeep. He believed that the Cult of the Dragon needed to be stopped, as they caused too much destruction that would unbalanced nature's equilibrium. However, his primary concern was the natural order.[1]


Delaan lived in the northern wilderness. Once a year, he visited his friend in Nesmé.

When the menace of Severin Silrajin's Cult of the Dragon became global, Delaan was chosen as the leading delegate at the Council of Waterdeep. Eventually, he was able to call on the help of treants against the Cult if he was impressed by the adventurers recruited to stop the Cult[1]


Delaan had a winter wolf companion called Loska. He was also good friend of the famed treant Turlang of the High Forest.[1]




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