Delay poison, also known as slow poison, was a necromancy[3][4][8] or conjuration[1] spell that delayed the onset time of a poison already in a creature's system[3][4][8] or granted immunity to poison until the spell ended.[1] This spell gave a victim more time to find a cure.[1][3][4][8]


This spell lasted for three hours for beginning spellcasters and even longer for more experienced casters. No damage was healed by this spell, so a victim that was already injured by poison remained that way. For the earliest version of this spell, the victim continued to slowly lose health until they were at death's door and then stabilized.[8] Newer versions prevented further loss of health while the spell was in effect.[1][3][4] Once the spell expired, any poisons still left in the victim's system continued their assault on the body.[1][3][4][8]

The earliest version of this spell was said to be able to bring victims back from the dead if it was cast within minutes (even an hour or two for very high-level priests) of death by poison.[8]


The components for this spell varied over the years. All versions had verbal and somatic components which included touching the victim. The earliest version also required a bud of garlic to be crushed and applied to the victim's bare feet.[8] A later version required the garlic to be smeared into the poison-introducing wound, or swallowed if the poison was administered by ingestion.[3][4] The newest version of this spell did away with the garlic and was able to use the priest's holy symbol as a focus instead.[1]



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