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Delayed blast fireball, or delayed blast fire ball was an evocation spell that was like fireball but could be given a timed detonation.[8][4][3][9]


Other than being similar to fireball, the damage of the spell was increased and the spell would detonate with a timed trigger.[8][4][3] Later versions of the spell created a fiery "bead" that could be thrown and explode, sometimes in the thrower's hand.[3][9]

The post-Second Sundering version of the spell could be made even more powerful if cast by a user with more skill.[9]


Only verbal and somatic components were needed for the casting.[8][4][3]


This spell was invented by the arcanist and Fire Warden of Netheril Noanar and called Noanar's delayed fireball in −2305 DR (two years earlier than the simpler fireball).[1][10]