Delbyl was a town located in southern Murghôm.[1]


Delbyl sat at the point where the Road of the Dawn split into its northern and southern branches.[1]

The town was made up of mud-brick houses, with a few gardens, orchards, and courtyards surrounded by walls. Wild animals such as goats, hens, geese, and sheep wandered the streets.[1]

Delbyl had a market, but it was mostly used by shepherds and farmers who brought their wares in from the surrounding countryside, selling to the merchants passing through the town on their way to Murghôm or Semphar.[1]


Emir Yaghi-Siyan ruled Delbyl.[1]

No armed garrison was kept at the town, but a small group of twelve maliks and their men kept order in the city. They were considered strict, and used wooden rods for punishing people.[1]



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