Delgrath was a co-owner of the Wyrmworks, a shop that sold dragon parts, located on Many Cats Lane in Silverymoon, circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1]


Delgrath had gray hair but was clean-shaven. The retired life of a shopkeeper was not nearly as strenuous as that of an adventurer and his midriff was beginning to show it.[1][note 1]


He was more gruff and less kind than his business partner, Roryk, but he had a soft spot for Alrue, their shop-girl. He was always wary of strangers, especially if they asked too many questions. He was no friend of the Arcane Brotherhood or the Red Wizards of Thay, and zealously guarded the methods, materials, and processes they used to clean and preserve dragon parts. He drove a hard bargain and wasn't hesitant to raise prices on those with questionable character.[1]


Delgrath was an experienced sorcerer and wise in the ways of the world. He was somewhat of an expert on dragons and how to preserve and transport parts of their corpses. He kept current with reports of dragon sightings, lair locations, and attacks by or on dragons around the region.[1]


Delgrath was co-owner of the Wyrmworks, which included a magically animated red dragon's head that was named Old Roaring Rage.[1]


He loved to talk about anything to do with dragons: telling tales, discussing tactics, and hearing news of recent sightings.[1]


He and Roryk were good friends and were often seen together. The veterans had a small group of loyal bodyguards that also acted as assistants in the shop. They were both quite fond of their young maid and shop girl, Alrue, and she loved them, affectionately calling them "the Old Boys".[1]


Roryk and Delgrath retired from adventuring and opened their shop sometime around the Year of the Unstrung Harp, 1371 DR. Business was slow at first, but once word got around, the shop turned a good profit and they contemplated opening another Wyrmworks in Waterdeep.[1]



  1. Some descriptions are based on the artist's rendering.


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