Delhumide was a tharch of Thay, located in the eastern part of the nation. It encompassed the eastern seas of Lake Thalembrar,[3] along with the lands east of the River Thay to the northeastern cliffs of the Second Escarpment.[4] Up until the late 14th century DR, it was full of slave farms that were either exploited or well used by its various tharchions throughout the years.[3]

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Delhumide: The former seat of power in Thay during the age of the Mulhorandi empire,[2] the city of Delhumide became a ruin, whose ancient wealth and secrets attracted treasure seekers from within Thay and beyond.[3][5]

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During the first half of the 14th century, Tharchion Mikal Canos largely ignored rule over his lands, using slave revolts and political scheming as a cover for his expeditions into the ruins of the tharch's capital. When Canos went missing during one such excursion in 1363 DR, Invarri Metron ascended as Delhumide's tharchion and took over administration of the tharch's slave trade.[3]

In preparation for his attempted political coup of Thay in the year 1375 DR, Zulkir Szass Tam had his Red Wizard necromancers traffic in a great number of slaves through the tharch, and into an ancient temple of Horus-Re within its ruined capital.[6] Within the temple was a portal that led to an undead manufactory run by the atropal known as Xingax, who had been raising an army of zombies, wraiths, and other abominations for the Thayan lich.[7][8] Szass Tam maintained control over the tharch for the next decade, while the War of the Zulkirs ravaged the nation, until it was unified under his rule as regent in 1385 DR.[9]




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