The Delimbiyr, also know as the River Shining, was a river that ran through the Savage Frontier and the Western Heartlands.


Starting deep in the Nether Mountains, flowing south through Delimbiyr Vale,[1] it was joined near Loudwater by the combined flow of the River Loagrann and the River Greyflow. It continued west between the southern edge of the High Forest and the northern edge of the High Moor past Daggerford. Eventually, the river dissolved into a morass of waterways, forming a vast swamp known as the Lizard Marsh.[2]


The headwaters of the Delimbiyr River consisted of three streams. These were, named west to east, the River Aulantrar (or Deepingstream), the River Starsilver (or Silver Stream), and the Norlnryn.[1]


The Delimbiyr River was full of szorp fish.[3]

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