The city of Delimbiyran was one of the 'three crowns' of Phalorm, representing the humans of that kingdom. Near the end of Phalorm's existence, Delimbiyran had grown beyond the need for allies and, indeed their elven peers from Ardeep had left the kingdom to travel to Evermeet and their severely depopulated dwarven allies had retreated from the area, effectively putting an end to the realm. The humans allowed any of the gnomes and halflings of Phalorm who wanted to stay in the alliance to do so as long as they swore fealty to king Javilarhh II, who founded the Kingdom of Man, officially called Delimbiyran after his capital city. This new realm was to encompass all the land that belonged to Phalorm.

Phalorm had been constantly beset by the orcs of the surrounding areas and so Delimbiyran spent the next fifty five years building defensive castles and sending out constant raids into the Sword Mountains and southern High Moor where the orcs lived. This period became known as the 'Endless Battle'.

In 697 DR, Sharran clergy up and down the entire Sword Coast rioted after their high priestess foolishly killed the entire senior clergy of the church in the region in an effort to turn herself into a lich. The current king, King Davyd ordered his troops to clamp down on the violence which in turn, inspired a fanatic to martyr himself by assassinating him. Davyd died without an heir and the nobles began to squabble, which eventually turned into a civil war. The kingdom collapsed into petty kingdoms of proud nobles. The next year, orc raiders from the High Forest swept down and quickly overran the splinter kingdoms until the Duke of Calandor (secretly backed by the Covenant) united the disparate duchys to repel the orcs. The same year, the human's gnomish allies in Dolblunde abandoned their city after it was attacked by worshipers of Urdlen[1]. The attempt succeeded but that was the end of the Kingdom of Man.