Demand was an enchantment spell that functioned in the same manner as sending, with the addition of the ability to send suggestions.


As "sending", but the message could also contain a suggestion (see the "suggestion" spell), which the subject did her best to carry out. Creatures with strong willpower could resist the suggestion effect but not the contact itself. The demand, if received, was understood even if the creature possessed less than animal intelligence. If the message was impossible or meaningless according to the circumstances that existed for the subject at the time the demand came, the message was understood but the suggestion was ineffective.[2]

The demand's message to the creature had to be twenty-five words or less, including the suggestion. The creature could also give a short reply immediately.[2]

Material componentsEdit

A short piece of copper wire and some small part of the subject - a hair, a bit of nail, etc.[2]


The spell was attributed to Netherese arcanist Toscudlo in -1475 DR and was originally called Toscudlo's dominate.[1]



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