Demonflesh golems were similar to flesh golems, but were created from the remains of demons.[1]

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These golems were always chaotic evil. Many of them were built with the remains of fiends slain during the Blood War, as thus were often found in the Nine Hells.[1]

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The earliest known example of a demonflesh golem was built from the remains of a demon named Llargash, who was defeated in the Blood War by a powerful devil named Maligothez. Maligothez stripped the flesh from Llargash's corpse, and, after some alchemical experimentation, grafted the flesh to the skeleton of a troll and reanimated the resulting monstrosity.[2]

Maligothez was ultimately slain by rival devils, but his creation outlived him, and managed to take revenge against many of its masters attackers. Since that time, the creation of demonflesh golems had become something of a perverse sport amongst many inhabitants of the Nine Hells.[2]

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