Deniak was a splinter Cult of the Dragon leader and spellcaster and the brother of Delina.[6]


As a child, he seemed normal and playful,[2] but jealousy and ambition turned him somewhat crazy.[7] For some reason, as an adult, he didn't like to hear the Elven language.[5]


As a young child, Deniak attended magical studies with his sister, Delina, clearly surpassing her in skill. He even berated her for her lack of ability. This led to the first appearance of her wild magic,[2] which in turn allowed her to advance and very quickly surpass him, angering him greatly. Deniak believed that she was cheating.[8] This consumed him with ambition, finally leading him to the Cult of the Dragon, though he later broke from the main group.[7]

His reason for leaving the mainstream Cult of the Dragon appeared to be that he didn't believe in serving dragons. Instead, he wanted to be equal to dragonkind. His ambition led him to use a Cult ritual to take the power of magic from his sister, imbuing him with heightened and draconic magic energies.[5] The ritual had a strange effect as it turned Deniak into a red dragon.[3]

Deniak seamed maddened by his transformation taking a mad ride over the city, finely being taken down by having a grapling hook in his wind and sent down in to a building.[9] Stuck under the rubble his head emerged to attacking the party, after suffering some attacks he bit down hard on Minsc. Minsc threw Boo whom took out a eye, then Shandies last arrow took out the other. But the final blow came from the magics of his sister and a stab of Minscs sword whom finely laid him low.[10]


  • "I always said the cult's greatest enemy was itself... Fools leading fools."[11]


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