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A dense pudding was a rare type of subterranean pudding.[1][2]


Dense puddings were deep blue in hue, and resembled huge lumps of slime. They were much more intelligent than other deadly puddings, such as the more common gray pudding.[1][2]

They were slower than other puddings, and often stuck to the shadows and ceilings, where they could drop onto their foes. Dense puddings were easier to spot out in the open, compared with other puddings that blended perfectly into their environment, as they were dark blue and rather large.[1][2]


These deadly puddings were very tough, making them somewhat difficult to kill, and they were never found in a weakened state.[1][2]

If a dense pudding successfully dropped onto its prey, it would release corrosive secretions that dissolved the flesh of the living. As well as this, the pudding would inflict a debilitating disease onto them. However, the deadly disease could be cured, but only if treatment was found within 48 hours.[1][2]


They only seemed to appear on their own, looking for their next meal.[1][2]


In 1369 DR, a few of these rare puddings could be found in Watcher's Keep, where they were detailed in a tome known as Elminster's Ecologies Appendix IIIa. Elminster Aumar noted in this ecology book that when subjected to electricity or fire, these puddings would split into more dense puddings. The sage further mentioned that they could be very dangerous if allowed to multiply, as they would quickly overwhelm foes.[3]



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