Derlusk was a city of music that grew up around one of the busiest harbors in the Border Kingdoms southeast of the Dragonsmoke Ridge.


Evidence of Wealth was everywhere in the city, with many of the stout stone buildings appearing as a beautiful vista of slate roofs and shimmering lanterns at night. The city's port had several rival shipyards, best known for building swift, sleek 'wave runner' coastboats.


Being a city of music, bards were highly regarded in Derlusk, where every inn, tavern, tankard-house, and fencing club had its own musical entertainment. Also full of scriveners, bookbinders and book collectors, Derlusk was the city to come to if you sought an old, rare book. If a particularly rare or valuable volume could not be bought, a seeker might negotiate a price at which the book's owner would allow scribes to safely allow a copy. The collection of literary interest gave the port a whiff of sophistication reminiscent of far larger ports such as Waterdeep, Athkatla, and Calimport.

Though many dockworkers of Derlusk found the world of books to be strange, they regarded the city's sages as harmlessly eccentric, true fellow citizens—provided they shared an appreciation of music.


The city was lightly governed by the Coinseats—the nine chairs of their ruling council, elected by the head merchants. Their duty was to pass laws, settle and pass judgement in disputes between neighbors or rivals, and direct a city watch comprised of 60 guards. Despite their distaste for guilds, merchants in a given field tended to nominate and vote for "one of their own".


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