The Desai were a Bedine tribe located in Anauroch. By 1468 DR, they were nominally under the rule of Netheril.[1]


On the Spring Equinox (Ches 19) in 1463 DR,[2] Ruqiah (the reincarnated Catti-brie) was born to Kavita and Niraj of the Desai tribe.[3] In 1468 DR, the Shadovar agents Untaris and Alpirs De'Noutess attempted to kidnap her on behalf of Parise Ulfbinder, but Ruqiah killed them with her divine magic.[4] Soon after, Ruqiah was forced to flee the tribe but returned regularly to gain magical training from her parents.[1]

In 1468 DR, a Desai encampment of tents was located at the remains of the ancient city Rasileth.[5]


Like other Bedine tribes, the Desai were forbidden to practice magic, but some (namely Kavita and Niraj) secretly did so anyway.[1]

A typical outfit of a Desai man was a round, white cotton garment set with a large button and tassel. Like other Bedine, a Desai man wore a kufiya headscarf and an igal tie that spoke of their stature in the tribe.[6]

The Desai's primary gods were N'asr, god of the dead,[7] and At'ar the Merciless, the Yellow Goddess of the desert.[8]

The discovery of a wellspring in the desert was celebrated all night long.[9]

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