Desert centaurs were nomads inhabiting the vast deserts of Zakhara.[1]

They often executed raids on bandit camps, using their speed and savage skills to their advantage. Desert centaurs were known to zealously protect their lands.[1]


These creatures were smaller than their cousins found elsewhere on Toril but they also had longer, thinner legs of an antelope.[1]

Males grow long beards and females wore veils and beautiful clothes. While traveling they carried their belongings in a small bags.[1]


Desert centaurs preferred to use spears, bows and scimitars. In close combat, they could also attack with their hooves. Ranged weapons were their favorite since they avoided close combat if possible. They often used tactics typical of desert nomads, luring the enemy into an ambush and striking, then dissolving into the desert. If the opponent withstood the initial attack, the ambush was repeated.[1]


Desert centaurs were nocturnal. Their excellent vision allowed them to orientate perfectly in the dark. In the moonlit night a desert centaur could easily see 200 meters away. Tribes of desert centaurs lived across the entire continent of Zakhara. They often engaged in stealing cattle and, unlike humans, they did not domesticate animals since they preferred to eat them immediately.[1]

Usually every tribe of desert centaurs had a priestess who simultaneously acted as the leader. She usually knew several languages ​​including the trade language and sometimes Debbi. With the exception of priestesses, females rarely took part in battles. Some centaurs also served as security guards or scouts.[1]


Centaurs constantly roamed the desert from oasis to oasis, often encountering native human tribes. When required they could attack or conclude a peace treaty with the tribe. Desert centaurs disliked genies and rarely traveled to the civilized regions of the Land of Fate.[1]



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