Desert Riders were elite mounted warriors who lived in Zakhara.[1][note 1]

Requirements Edit

Only humans, elves, and half-elves were desert riders.[1]

Role Edit

Public opinion on desert riders varied depending on who was asked. The nomads, or Al-Badia, revered the desert riders as true heroes who represented the traditional qualities of desert folk: bravery, honor, and freedom. Villagers of small towns often thought they were little better than wandering thieves. Realistically, both are right. Men and women of good and evil backgrounds became desert riders.

Desert riders viewed the city folk, or Al-Hadhar, as lost souls who missed out on the freedom offered by the desert.[1]

Possessions Edit

Due to constant exposure to extreme heat, desert riders rarely wore armor heavier than chain mail. A desert rider's most prized possession was his or her mount.[1]

Special Benefits Edit

Desert riders possessed an uncanny ability to judge horse physiques, resulting in them owning the finest mounts available. Mounts under a desert riders care performed in a superior manner to when they were handled by ordinary folk.[1]

Special Hindrances Edit

Attuned to the ways of the desert and little else, these warriors were awkward in any setting where they were removed from their beloved habitat.[1]

Appendix Edit

Notes Edit

  1. Desert Rider was a fighter class kit for the Al-Qadim setting.

References Edit

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