The Desertsmouth Mountains were a range of mountains that separated the Dalelands region, to the east, from the great desert of Anauroch, to the west.


This area was inhabited by dwarves, humans and various monsters as well. The Lost Vale of Tarkhaldale once stood in the western foothills,[1] hidden between the peaks overlooking the Spiderhaunt Wood where the Dracolich Ashazstamn had his lair[1] The great dwarven kingdom of Tethyamar once stood in these peaks.[2] The mountain area was infested by orcs, ogres, goblins[1] and even dragons[3].

Notable LocationsEdit

The tomb of Shraevyn was located in Giant's Craw Valley.[4]

Shattershree, a silver dragon, tended a place known as the Old Tomb to attract adventurers and nudge them in directions that would server her goals.[5]



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