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Desmonda was the mistress of no less than seven different nobles of Zhentil Keep. A noble herself, she was still overtly flirtatious even though she also managed to keep to herself.

When Zhentil Keep was under siege in 1368 DR Desmonda was one of many who fell and whose bodies were never found. Therefore, she was the perfect cover for the Erinyes Eshaeris after she was summoned by the pit fiend Abarax, disguised as Lord Orgauth to help him control the keep.

Together, disguised as lord and consort, they ruled the remains of Zhentil Keep unopposed for nearly 2 years. When 'Orgauth' decided to take a newly converted female paladin under his wing to train as a blackguard, 'Desmonda' became jealous and began whispering to the blackguard, Scyllua Darkhope, many lies about her lord. Desmonda was the one who actually pushed Scyllua over the edge and truly into darkness. She urged the blackguard into slaying their master, which Scyllua duly did, which attracted the attentions of Fzoul Chembryl. Fzoul, who, even though he knew not of Desmonda's true nature, did not trust her and forced her away from his new protégé so that Desmonda could not influence Scyllua further.

Thus, Desmonda lost her position of influence and fell from grace. She now consorts with several Zhentarim merchants and minor clergymen of Bane, looking for ways to get back at Fzoul and once more achieve her lofty political position in Zhentil Keep. Thus far, she has had to keep her plots low-key so as not to draw attention to herself as the mastermind behind them, but she still manages to occasionally cause Fzoul embarrassment and cost him gold.

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