Dessa sik-Morcane was a female drow cleric of Lolth in Szith Morcane who, during the Silence of Lolth, turned to barbarism.[1][3]


Dessa had particularly deep black skin for a drow and a shock of wild, white hair. A powerfully built female, Dessa wore only a plain black tunic and black breeches. During her captivity at the hands of the Kiaransaleeans, in 1372 DR, she was even denied her boots and a belt.[3]


A shameless and duplicitous drow, Dessa was not afraid to debase herself to gain an advantage against her enemies. She especially disliked surface-worlders.[3]


Raised in the service of Lolth, Dessa sik-Morcane had passable training as a cleric. Her most distinguishing traits, however, were those of a powerful and wild warrior who would fly into a barbarian rage in combat.[3][4]


Prior to her capture during the Silence of Lolth, Dessa sik-Morcane had a number of items befitting her station as a minor cleric of Lolth. However, she was soon stripped of these once House Morcane was overthrown.[3]


Born a female drow in Szith Morcane and into minor nobility, Dessa was initiated into the mysteries of the Church of Lolth and trained to be a cleric of the Spider Queen. However, in 1372 DR, Lolth's Silence struck the drow of Szith Morcane and Dessa was caught up in the coup of House Morcane that followed. She was captured by Kiaransaleean cultists, led by Dorina and Zedarr T'sarran, and used as food for their vampiric servants.[3]