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Destrachans were evil, crafty, and sadistic aberrations that dwelled underground. They typically attacked with a powerful sonic blast emitted from their tubular mouths.[2]


Destrachans were bipedal creatures, vaguely reptilian in appearence. The head was largely featurelessn except for the circular mouth and the large ear structures. From head to tailtip destrachans were about 10 ft (3 m) long, and they weighed approximately 4,000 lb (1,800 kg).[2]


Destrachans resembled simple-minded, if bizarre, beasts, but they were actually crafty and cruel monsters, aberrations that seemed to feed on misery and death and spread both for evil's sake.[2]


Destrachans were reliant on sound: they had complex, three-part ears that could adjust to be more or less sensitive to different sounds, allowing them both protection from sonic attacks while also letting them navigate by a sense of hearing more precise than many creatures' eyesight. Additionally, destrachans could emit focused, harmonic sonic energy from their mouths, powerful enough to shatter stone walls but precisely controlled enough that a destrachan could choose what material to effect; choosing a solid material to shatter any of it in range, focusing on flesh and bone to harm creatures, or even on just nerves in order to knock creatures out.[2]

The natural blindness of destrachans also afforded some protection; any gaze or other sight-based attacks were useless against them. However, they could still be affected by audible effects and spells, and a destrachan that could not hear was effectively blinded, so to speak.[2]


Destrachans prefered to ambush enemies, using their sonic attack to first destroy metal, then rend flesh. They used their claws only as a last resort.[2]


Destrachans lived in complex underground systems, causing only suffering. They were known to capture victims and imprison and torture the prisoners in their lairs.[2]

No living creature would willingly ally with a destrachan except other aberrant creatures (such as chuuls, gibbering mouthers, gricks, and foulspawn), which they seemed to be attracted to; they had been reported as being in the company of drow, grimlocks, hags, medusas, trolls, onis, and troglodytes. Evil undead and outsiders were known to willingly ally with destrachans.[2][1]

Destrachans could understand Common but did not speak it;[2] and some reports claimed spoke Deep Speech.[1]

On Toril, destrachans were known to live in the Middledark and Lowerdark, most particularly in the Deep Wastes[3] where there was a whole thorp of them in Kuragolomsh.[4] They had also been reported in the Forest of Amtar.[5]


Destrachans first arose from the foul dreams of an unknown deity, but they had reviled their creator and all other deities, and no non-destrachan knew anything of its identity or purpose.[6]

In 1479 DR, destrachans were among the creatures known to work with the Abolethic Sovereignty, and they were also reported to be living in parts of Gauntlgrym.[7]



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