Destruction was a necromancy spell that could kill a creature and obliterate its body.[1] Earlier versions of this spell were the resurrection spell cast in reverse, which turned a creature to dust.[4][5][8]


The older versions of this spell required the caster to successfully touch the victim in order to turn them to dust.[4][5][8] The newer version had a range of about 50 to 100 ft (15 to 30 m) or more, depending on the level of the caster. Unless they were able to overcome the magic of this spell, the target of this spell was killed instantly and their body was consumed, leaving nothing behind but their clothes, equipment, and possessions.[1] Even if they were fortitudinous enough to resist, they were subjected to a large amount of damage which could also prove fatal.[1][4][5][8]

Creatures obliterated by this spell could only be recovered by a true resurrection, a miracle, or a thoughtfully worded wish followed by a resurrection.[1][4][5][8]

When cast in reverse, resurrection could return a creature to life and full vigorous health as long as there was at least a piece of the deceased that was part of the body at the time of death.[4][5][8]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, the newer version of this spell required the use of a special holy or unholy symbol made of silver and bearing verses of consecration or extermination, costing at least 500 gp.[1] The older versions only required unholy water for the material component.[4][5][8]


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