Detect scrying was a divination spell that alerted the caster to eavesdropping via other magic.[2][3]


The caster instantly became aware of any observation of them via a scrying divination, including crystal balls and other devices. They could determine the positions of every magical sensor within an area up to 40 feet (12 meters) from them, moving as they did. If the source of the scrying began within that area, the caster also automatically determined its location, while outside that area, it was a contest as to who was the better spellcaster to see if they determined the source of not. If successful, or at least equal, the caster of detect scrying might receive a vision of the scrier and an accurate understanding of their distance and direction. Detect scrying lasted a full day.[2][3]

When detect scrying uncovered a spell, a brilliant blue-white flash would burn in the area.[8]


As well as verbal and somatic components, it required material components: a small piece of mirror and a miniature brass hearing trumpet.[2][3]


This spell was invented by the prolific Netherese arcanist Trebbe in −2239 DR and called Trebbe's scry scrying.[1][9]



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