Detho's Libram was a spellbook.[1]


It was a thin, red book of 22 pages. The cover consisted of the hide from a rothe, which was dyed and stretched onto boards of wood. Brass hoops bound the parchment together.[1]


Written by the mage Detho, the book was left in the possession of Piergeiron, who stored it in the library within Piergeiron's Palace in Waterdeep. Famous mages such as Elminster Aumar, Khelben Arunsun, and Laeral Silverhand read the book and copied spells into their own personal collections. The book was last in the possession of Peregar, who took the book with him during an ill-fated expedition into the Northlands. He was last scene near Yartar, having disappeared within a ball of blue flame. The book may have survived the blast and its current location as of 1359 DR was unknown.[1]


Each page within the book contained a spell, for a total of 22 spells. It contained the following spells:[1]

burning handscatapultcontinual lightdancing lightsdecastavedetect invisibilitydetect magicDetho's deliriumenlargeeraseESPfeather fallflying fisthold portaljumpknocklightmendingread magicspider climbunseen servant



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