Dezmyr Shadowdusk was a former paladin of Torm and later death knight and joint matriarch of House Shadowdusk.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Dezmyr and her brother Zalthar were born to Yarlithra Shadowdusk, one of the three original sisters who made the family's fortune by funding adventuring expeditions into Undermountain.[2]

Unfortunately, the family came into possession of an object, a tablet of black crystal that allowed contact with the Far Realm. It soon spread madness through the entire family.[2]

Later, in the Year of the Harp, 1355 DR, Shadowdusk Hold, their ancestral home, was burned to the ground, killing Yarlithra and her sisters. Soon afterwards, Dezmyr and her brother were contacted by their uncle Xerrion Shadowdusk, who invited them to come to the new Shadowdusk Hold in Undermountain.[2]

Years later, after Dezmyr had shed her faith to Torm, Xerrion and his wife Margaraste journeyed into the Far Realm together, and were never seen again. As a result, Dezmyr and Zalthar became the new heads of the House.[2]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Dezmyr was a powerful spellcaster. Additionally, she possessed the endless life that death knights were given. Although some death knights could one day die by repenting, Dezmyr had gone mad too long ago for this to work.[1]

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