Dhafiyand was a Red Wizard of Thay in Neverwinter in 1478 DR.


Dhafiyand was a Red Wizard that concealed his true allegiance and managed to become the spymaster of the Protector of Neverwinter, Dagult Neverember.

Working with Valindra Shadowmantle and fellow Red Wizard Tolivast, he hatched a complex plot to use the Sons of Alagondar as cover for killing Dagult. In order to achieve this objective, Dhafiyand hired Rucas Sarfael and ordered him to infiltrate the Nashers through Elyne Tschavarz. In the end, however, Rucas discovered the deception in time and managed to save Dagult from Dhafiyand and his undead minions. In the fighting Dhafiyand was killed and so the Thayans lost an irreplaceable agent and were unveiled as enemies of Neverwinter.[1]



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