Dhairn was a drow judicator of Selvetarm.[1]


Dhairn was part of a group of drow exiled from Eryndlyn for worshiping Selvetarm as a deity on its own instead of a servant of Lolth.[1]

In 1375 DR, Dhairn went to recruit a large group of driders living in the Underdark under the Misty Forest for membership in the Selvetargtlin.[1]

Later, when various groups of Underdark monsters, including chitine, neogi, driders, and spellgaunts attacked all of Eilistraee's shrines on the surface, Dhairn led the main force of Selvertargltlin to attack the Promenade of the Dark Maiden.[1] He killed Iljrene, dissolving her body into a writhing mass of spiders and fought well against Qilué Veladorn.[2]

However, at last, in the Demonweb Pits, Cavatina Xarann killed Selvetarm himself. Dhairn fell confused and powerless without the power of his god. He was trying to escape when Qilue's blade skewered his back.[3]





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