Dhalmass Obarskyr, known as the Warrior King, was a king of Cormyr from 1210 DR to 1227 DR. He was the sole heir of Pryntaler Obarskyr and the father of Palaghard II. He was remembered in history for reconquering Marsember.[2][3][1]


He was the son and sole heir of King Pryntaler. Dhalmass was the husband of Queen Jhalass Huntsilver. They had four children: Proster (born 1213 DR, died 1222 DR, aged 9), Palaghard (born 1214 DR), Elliira (born 1218 DR), and Pelara (born 1220 DR).[4][3]


Dhalmass became king in the Year of the Crimson Crag, 1211 DR.[1]

In the Year of Green Wings, 1216 DR, he executed the last noble of the Goldfeather family for treason.[1]

After the port city of Marsember rebelled, King Dhalmass seized it back in the Year of the Wall, 1227 DR.[3][1] However, just after the reconquest, Dhalmass and his wife Jhalass were both killed in mysterious circumstances when their caravan back to Suzail was ambushed. Assassins from the Fire Knives were blamed for the death of the king and queen, and the organization banished from the kingdom.[5][2][1]

He was succeeded by his second son, Palaghard II.[3]