Dhalmass Rayburton was a member of House Rayburton, and the only non-Tabaxi member of the barae, the seven "super-paladins" sworn to protect the holy city of Mezro in Chult.[1]


Dhalmass, a famed explorer from Cormyr,[2] traveled to Chult around 172 DR and there finally found peace.[1]


Dhalmass was a kindly individual but liked to scoff at the notion that the Heartlands were "civilized" compared to Chult.[1]


Like all barae, Dhalmass had been granted special powers from Ubtao, which included the following:[3]

  • He could utter magical commands that would compel those who heard them to obey him.
  • He regenerated health rapidly.
  • He could detect evil at will.
  • He had improved reflexes and physical and mental resistances.

If within the Temple of Ubtao, he could also cast the following spells:[3]

In addition, Dhalmass possessed the power to understand all languages, whether written or spoken. He also had incredible abilities of persuasion, usually able to convert anyone to his way of thinking, especially if discussing matters relating directly to the well-being of Mezro.[1]




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