The Dharbang River was located in Ra-Khati.[1]


The Dharbang River was the smaller of Ra-Khati's two major rivers; the larger being the Gogrus River.[1]

This river originated from a glacier located in Katakoro Shan on Ra-Khati's southeastern border, flowing until it formed Norasil near the center of the kingdom before joining the Gogrus to the west.[1]


This river was considered one of the Thousand Sacred Sources of the Gaya, drawing pilgrims from all over the region.[1]

Three holy sites were located along the river. The first was the junction of the Dharbang and the Gogrus. Locals called this spot the "Bed of Two Lovers." The water here was calm compared to the raging currents downstream. It was rumored to have healing properties. Any who bathed here were restored to full health and all ailments were vanquished. Water taken from this spot did not retain its unique healing properties, however. Legend stated that the source of the healing power came when the Great Teacher, and founder of the Path, meditated at this spot for five weeks without eating or sleeping. During that time, he achieved the fifth stage of enlightenment. After that, he ate a peach and cast the pit into the waters, imbuing them with magical power.[1]

The second holy site was the lake of Norasil. Pilgrims would camp on the shores of the lake and await visions, which came in the form of dreams, guiding them along their path.[1]

The glacier and origin of the Dharbang was the third and final holy site. Pilgrims braving the difficult climb and freezing temperatures were required to scrub themselves clean with snow to remove their "outer self." At this point, most pilgrims returned home, but some continued further up the glacier, guided by their visions. They were never seen again.[1]



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