Dhaztanar, or the Crystal-towered, was the capital of Semphar and the kingdom's largest city.[1]


Dhaztanar marked one end of the Silk Road, making it a bustling epicenter of trade and commerce. The city was nestled along the eastern banks of the Semphar Water, which was a portion of the larger lake of Gbor Nor.[1][2]


Most of the buildings in Dhaztanar were constructed of stone or brick; wood was scarcely used since it had to be imported from the Shalhoond.[1]

A typical house in Dhaztanar was two stories tall, making the state buildings appear more grand as they towered over them.[1]


Dhaztanar was a fierce rival of Zindalankh, which was located on the opposite bank of the Semphar Water in Murghôm.[1]


The Caliph and master of Semphar, Abu Bakr, lived in Dhaztanar within the splendid palace of Dar al-Kalif.[1]

Elves, dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and some goblin-kind, were present in the city.[1]

The Harpers were rumored to have a presence or outpost in the city.[1]

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