Dheubpurcwenpyl was one of the most powerful deep dragons in the Underdark in the mid–14th century DR.[1][2]


Her lair was in the Rift of Dhalnadar, a great chasm south of the Marching Mountains, famous for waterfalls and jungles. It lay at the center of Alatorin in Deep Shanatar, and Dheubpurcwenpyl had in her hoard most of the lost treasures of Old Shanatar.[1]


Circa 1370 DR, she did not tolerate any challenges to her authority. Even the neighboring drow of Guallidurth had to go around her domain and revered her as Malla Harl Valsharess, or "Honored Queen of the Depths".[1] Even the dracolich Sapphiraktar the Blue cut off all connections between his lair and Deep Shanatar because of his presence.[3] However, she shared the Rift of Dhalnadar with cloakers and competed with them for prey, but any struggle between them would result in a pyrrhic victory at best, so they kept a delicate peace by 1372 DR.[2]

Many mistook Dheubpurcwenpyl for a shadow dragon, leading some scholars of draconic topics to believe that she knew a spell called shadow dragon that transformed herself into a shadow being composed of shadowstuff.[1]



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