Dictum was a powerful divine evocation spell that deafened, slowed, paralyzed, and even slew outright non-lawful beings.[1] It was the lawful counterpart to the chaotic spell word of chaos.[2]


The spell affected all non-lawful beings up to 40 feet (12 meters) in front of the caster, whether or not they could actually it. Uttering dictum had two main effects.[1]

Non-lawful beings of strength comparable to the caster were struck deaf for up to 24 seconds. Those slightly less were also slowed, similar to the slow spell, for up to 48 seconds. Those much weaker were also paralyzed helplessly for up to 10 minutes. Finally, those significantly weaker were slain, or destroyed if undead. There was no way to resist except by protections from spells, and the debilitating effects were cumulative and concurrent. Beings more powerful than the caster unaffected.

In addition, provided the caster was on their home plane, non-lawful creatures not native to the plane were swiftly banished to whence they came and could not come back for at least 1 day. They could resist with an act of will.[1]


It required only a verbal component, the dictum itself.[1]



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