Dig, formerly known as Proctiv's dig,[1] was a spell that excavated a large pit.[7]


The spell could be cast by wizards.[3]

In the time of Netheril, it could be cast by arcanists of the Inventive and Variation specializations.[2]


Attributed to Proctiv, the spell was first introduced in Netheril in 1799 NY (−2060 DR) under the name Proctiv's dig. It later became known simply as dig.[1]

Dig was an uncommon spell in Faerûn in the 1360s DR.[8]

Notable UsesEdit

During the Time of Troubles, a member of the Lunatics cast dig under Onyx the Invincible to stop him charging her. He fell flat on his face.[7]

According to Elminster, the drow used the dig spell to open up metal and other mineral veins for their mines. According to the same, when the drow did that, they were attacked by dwarven raiders under the pretense of "liberating" treasure.[9]



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