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Diinakvil Rylafyrn was the leader of the derro Council of Savants of Gracklstugh in 1370 DR[1] and 1372 DR.[2]


Diinakvil was a firm supporter of the status quo and spent most of his efforts in ruining the more outrageous plots of his fellow derro savants. His areas of expertise were dwarven history of northwest Faerûn (duergar and shield dwarf), politics, and slave trading in the Underdark.[1]


Diinakvil was the longest-surviving member of the Council of Savants, and among the most political influential people of Gracklstugh. Some rival savants suspected that Diinakvil had some secret hold over King Tarngardt because the Deep King rarely did not follow the derro's suggestions.[1] He also served under the rule of Horgar Steelshadow.[2]