The Diligent Mamluk Society, also known as the Diligent, was a military organization in Zakhara.


Within the Warehouse District of Huzuz, the Diligent Mamluk Society acted as a security force. Though only possessing roughly 200 members, the mamluks vigilantly guarded their masters' property against theft and even fire on occasion.


Platoons comprised of 10 guards and a single leader patroledl the streets of the Warehouse district, with 3 full platoons on duty each night. Patrol leaders would discuss and vary their routes every evening to dissuade thieves from recognizing patterns in their movements. Ethical priests of Hajama and specialized sea mages also supported the Diligent though this assignment was often seen as "beneath them." The sea mages came in handy when fighting fires within the Warehouse District.


The Diligent favored weapon was the khopesh sword but many also carried a katar (punching dagger) for close fighting. Because of the brutal heat from the sun, daytime patrols equipped themselves with standard padded armor while their nighttime counterparts favored chain mail.[1]



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