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Dilophosaurus (pronounced: /dɪlfˈsɑːrʌsdil-o-fo-SAR-us[3]) was a species of dinosaur.[1]


Dilophosaurs were a type of carnosaur and as such looked like their cousins allosaurus or tyrannosaurus. Their main distinguishing feature was the large, semicircular head crests on both sides of the males head.[1]


Unlike most carnosaurs, the dilophosaurs had a poison gland within their jaws. Though this could be administered through a simple bite, they were also capable of spitting this poison at prey from up to 20 feet (6.1 meters) away. When a prey was spit upon by this poison they would experience temporarily blindness for around two to five hours.[4]


Dilophosaurs had weak jaws so they used their sharp claws on their hind feet as their primary method for taking down prey. They hunted in packs and were capable of killing prey several times their size.[1]


Dilophosaurs typically lived in packs.[1]


Dilophosaurs preferred open terrain environments over forests or jungles.[1]


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