Dilpur was an important Impilturian city found on the shores of the Easting Reach in the mid–14th century DR.[1][2]


Dilpur was a rather insignificant location until its population swelled with refugees. After the influx of citizens, plans were quickly made to construct new city walls and expand the docks.[1]


Dilpur's population in 1357 DR was 15,000, many of whom were refugees from neighboring Sarshel when that city fell into decline after a drop-off in trade from Damara.[1]

Dilpur's lords—Imbraun, Soargilm, and Sambrar—were concerned for the future of their city. They believed a renewal in trade, specifically for bloodstone, would benefit the city and Impiltur as a whole, but the renewed trade with Damara might also tempt many of Dilpur's citizens to return to Sarshel.[1]



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