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Dimensional anchor was an abjuration or alteration spell that barred extradimensional movement.[1][5]


When cast, an emerald-green beam of light emitted from the caster's hand.[1][5] The newer version of this spell required the caster to make a successful ranged attack on the target,[1] while the older version only needed line of sight to the target and contact was automatic.[5] The creature or object targeted was completely surrounded by green radiance that prevented any transition to other planes. Affects and abilities blocked included astral projection, blink, dimension door, ethereal jaunt, etherealness, gate, maze, phase door, phasing (like the spider), plane shift, shadow walk, teleport, and similar spell-like or psionic abilities.[1][5] If a physical gate or teleportation circle was targeted, it prevented operation for the duration of the spell.[1]

Dimensional anchor did not target or affect creatures already in the Ethereal or Astral Plane when the spell was cast, nor did it block perception into other dimensions or attack forms that could cross those barriers, such as a basilisk's gaze.[1][5] Also, it does not prevent summoned creatures from disappearing at the end of a summoning spell.[1]


Only verbal and somatic components were required to cast this spell.[1][5]